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Our team’s experience shows us that most visitors come either alone or with a partner. We therefore prefer to customize the tours according to the visitor’s time and interest. Please contact Patrick by email (see Contact).

Otherwise, the idea of the “Javanese Wisdom & Healing” guided group tour is to offer a group a visitors of no more than 13 people the occasion to explore Javanese Traditional Healing and Javanese Spirituality through a set number of days. The numbers of days and visitors is so presented with a care to build up and maintain a bonded group energy which one would find during a retreat. Contact us for more information regarding a planned tour with us.

Courses are available in:

  • Javanese massage and acupressure techniques (Pijet)
  • Traditional Plant-based herbal remedies (Jamu)
  • Inner power exercises (TenagaDalam)

The rest of the time is dedicated to field visits taking the visitor to sacred places around the Provinceof Yogyakarta. These spots are spread over the 4 districts of Yogyakarta i.e. Gunungkidul, Bantul, Sleman and Kulonprogo. A range of geological and natural settings will be visited since some of these pilgrimage spots are set by volcanoes, beaches, top of hills, freshwater ponds, caves, forests or rivers. Some are merely natural settings whereas others are set in cemeteries or shrines. Each spot has been selected to provide the setting for a historical, cultural, spiritual and ecological experiencing of the Java’s landscape.  This is so since most of these spots are tied to specific heroes of Java’s past known for their spiritual discipline and powers, attracting mystical and ordinary pilgrims up to present times. Little by little as the group moves along, a clear interpretation of core concepts of Javanese Kejawen and Kebatinan will become ingrained in the minds of the visitor. More importantly a phenomenological experience of the spots will be soughtas we attempt to connect with the place’s energy at the hand of meditations and rituals. Explanations and rituals will be provided by the local juru kunci or appointed guardians of the sacred spots. Read further in our “Sacred sites” category !!

In between the courses and the field visits, the occasion to appreciate Javanese classical and traditional artistic performances will be made available. Furthermore, time will be allocated to local handicrafts shopping, often at the local producers’ workshops directly in order to guarantee fair trade transactions. Lastly, there will be time and occasions for visitors to get diagnosed and receive traditional therapy by professional masseuses, acupressurists or paranormal healers as well as drinking jamu herbal remedies.

A provision in the schedule can be made for visits to the famous Buddhist monument of Borobudur, as well as the Hindu temple complexes around Prambanan. Special requests can be arranged for visits to the Dieng Plateau temple complex and other temples outside of Yogyakarta Province.

Transport and accommodation (whether in hotels or at local homestays) are included in the package and can also be arranged from here.


The organizers of the Javanese Wisdom and Healing program are happy to announce our new initiative, which is a reduced version of the 10 day package described earlier.


An introductory workshop to the arts of Traditional Javanese Healing (therapy massage and jamu herbal) and ritual night-meditations following Kejawen principles. Includes morning tenaga dalam breathing exercises and a local group welcoming Punokawan stage-performance in traditional fashion. Further activities include a visit to a spiritually sacred cave (Goa Kiskendo) and trekking possibilities around the Suroloyo site itself.


On Puncak Suroloyo in the Menoreh Hills west of Yogyakarta. This scenic spot is one of the highest peaks in the DIY, overlooking the region in almost all directions with great panoramic views towards Merapi Volcano and Borobudur Temple at the base of the hills. Preserved traditional villages, scenic natural environment, fresh air and several sacred spots linked to the old Wayang Purwo stories. We are working together with a local Padepokan striving for local economic development and cultural tourism potential. Their accommodation/classroom sits on a crest surrounded by coffee and tea plantations.


Anyone interested in Javanese traditional medicine, spirituality and unique outdoor activities in the Javanese heartland. The workshop needs a minimum of 10 participants .


2 thoughts on “Tour / Package

  1. Hi Patrick
    Liz has given me your details, I will be in your area from the 1st to the 11 of July
    I have been given a list of “must see and must do” by Liz and I wonder if you could help me
    Do you have a phone number I could contact you on, I would like to set up a few activities/adventures before I leave Australia
    Regards. Ed

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