Javanese Wisdom

One of the main purposes of the “Javanese Wisdom & Healing” organizers is to provide the visitor with a practical understanding of what is known as Kejawen worldview and philosophy.  Javanese beliefs have principles embodying a search for inner self but at the core is the attainment of peace of mind. Although Kejawen is not strictly a religious affiliation, it addresses ethical and spiritual values as inspired by Javanese tradition, providing an understanding of what it means to “being human” and how to interact with nature and universe in a wise manner. The goal is ultimately to arrive at a more gracious harmony between self and universe (lahirbatin in Javanese lore). Kebatinan, or Javanese mysticism, could be defined as a series of methods, practices and exercises imposed on oneself in order to discover and reveal the truths of the above-mentioned principles laid out in the Kejawen body of teachings.

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As in Javanese beliefs humans are not the only living beings besides animals to populate the earth, harmony between beings and nature can only be correctly attained by including all other dimensions of beings such as spirits, ancestors and local deities. Therefore, a basic aim of Kebatinan is to open humans’ capacity to increase their awareness and feeling to apprehend the total reality of their environment including the more subtle forms of beings living within their vicinity. Highlighted in the “Javanese Wisdom & Healing” project are the essential concepts of Rasa and Manunggaling in this context of understanding and living harmoniously with reality. Rasa indicates the subtle capacity to feel and perceive things, a sort of sixth sense really which informs the mind and brain with more accurate information about the outer and inner worlds. The alleged organ for the sixth sense is called ‘batin’, hence the word Kebatinan, literally meaning ‘training of the batin’. Yet rasa is not only perceived as ‘input’aswe humansalso produce our own ‘output’ towards the outer and inner worlds, creating a system of interaction or communication as it is. A typical Javanese manner of conceiving this type of interaction is in the sense of ‘unifying’ oneself with theouter and inner aspects of life and nature surrounding ourselves. This is the concept of Manunggaling, a deep and far-reaching approach to life as it incorporates as its ultimate aim a Union with the creating force or universal mind known as God, or the Omniscient Mind. The process of Kebatinan thus leads eventually to a self-realization often compared to the Yogic idea of Nirvana, nothing less than that.

Kebatinan and Rasa practices and concepts will be explained and taught to the visitor through the media of meditations, rituals and acquisition of tenaga dalam (or inner power) trainings. Connecting with this subtle vital energy is a key to apprehend the other realms of beings which combined with our own humans and fauna/flora realms form the material aspects of this macrocosmic reality.


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