Javanese Healing

The organizers of the “Javanese Wisdom & Healing” project see the medium of Traditional Healing as an efficient manner to approach the more basic Eastern ideas of Kejawen especially as they pertain to the human body and soul. Moreover, offering the visitor an introduction to the very holistic world of Javanese healing through massage techniques and herbal remedy therapy, directly answers the increasing interest of foreign visitors in the quest for a more balanced and healthier lifestyle in line with a more nature-friendly alternative attitude. See Images section

The system behind both the touch therapy through acupressure and Javanese massage techniques, as well as the Jamu science of herbal remedies, is a combination of ancient Chinese and Javanese knowledge of health and body anatomy. At its foundation one finds popularly known principles such as the Ying and Yang principle of opposites and the correspondence principle of the Five Elements. Equilibrium or balance of Qi (or Prana in India, Tenaga dalam in Java) and its movements are a core concept of the healing system. Again, balance here is conceived not just within one’s body or between body and mind yet it encompasses the outer world and its channels of interaction with the body, whether they may be promotive or destructive in nature. Kebatinan techniques of meditation and suggestion are employed during therapy of both mental and physical symptoms of disease.

Visitors will be able to understand and interpret these concepts as they pertain to one’s own health, mostly by applying the theoretical information directly through massage practice and jamu herbal remedy making. Therapy by the certified members of a local Institute of Javanese Healing is also available and contributes to one’s familiarity with the proposed system.

Furthermore, visitors will be able to meet more paranormal healers who specialize in spiritual healing methods. These practitioners are often named dukun, a variant on other continent’s shamans. They utilize flowers, incense, magical stones and other paraphernalia to invoke spirit help or subtle energies to help them in finding a solution or a remedy to the client’s problems. A few dukun work with us and are available for answering questions regarding their activities and the often esoteric background of knowledge in which to place their unique craft. Read further in our “Traditional Healing” category !!


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