Java has long been known as a place rich in natural wealth and esthetic beauty, from the lavish Central and East Javanese Palace arts and performances, its remarkable array of ancient Hindu-Buddhist monuments, to the amazing agricultural bounty and natural beauty of its volcanoes, rivers and lush vegetation. Lesser apparent to the eye of the visitor to Java is the vibrant cultural and spiritual aspects of life amongst the local inhabitants of the island.

This website presents a new concept tour, a package that is dedicated to offer the visitor to Central Java a glimpse or an introduction to the rich variety of beliefs, concepts and eventually material manifestations of so-called traditional Javanese culture through the lens of Traditional Healing and Javanese Mysticism. These two central aspects are ornamented with traditional artistic performances and outdoor nature exploration.

We say only a glimpse as it would take the explorer a few years to start interpreting all of this cultural production in a correct manner. Yet we believe that offering this possibility is necessary in order to start approaching and appreciating Javanese culture and arts in a conducive and rewarding manner.

Please browse through the different sections and feel free to contact us with additional questions that may arise concerning this topic and its two main focal points: Javanese Traditional Medicine and Javanese Mysticism.


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  2. Enter into the world of spiritual senses of live, get as Western more insight in the marvelous way of living around Yogya, as well find Your proper soul by taking the time to breath, to hear and smell the natural way of living.

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