LENGLENGAN (Leucas lavandulifolia)
Lenglengan is a multi-usage wild plant and one of the many Javanese species of plants that contain medicinal properties. As with other wild plants, lenglengan easily grows just about anywhere. This plant can be found from lowlands until heights below 1,500m of altitude. It grows seasonal, upright, 20 to 60 cm high. Single leaf, the color is light green.
It grows tiny little flowers shaped like a tongue, white of color, arranged in a bouquet of dense growth; fruit contains a pit, brown of color. Seeds are round, small, black.
The plant has bio-chemical properties and pharmacological effects tasting bitter, spicy, warm producing. Benefits: mainly used as a Tranquilizer and antiseptic. The chemical components in the leaves and roots contain potent compounds including: saponins, flavonoids and tannins, leaves also contain essential oils.


As a medicine Lenglengan is used for symptoms such as: difficulty to sleep, feeling restless, Headache, Influenza, Cough, whooping cough, diphtheria, heart palpitations, belated menstruation, impaired digestion, worms, Diabetes (diabetes mellitus), seizures, epilepsy.
Internal use: Boil 10-15 grams of leaves. Let seep and drink.
External use: the whole plant is washed and then finely ground, for topical use on wounds, sores, and scabies.
The physiological effect of the plant is calming. Traditionally the Lenglengan plant was called the “leaves of demon” as it was used to combat symptoms of restlessness and insomnia, which was allegedly caused by the work / disturbance of demons. Local physicians still often use this plant to cope with such symptoms. The plant is also widely used against sleeplessness, especially with children, by means of filling the pillow with dried leaves before bedtime in order for the restless child to sleep soundly. The association of the Lenglengan leaf with demons and mysticism in traditional stories is misplaced as in reality the plants faculty to calm down nervous or restless persons are attributed to its pharmacological effects which are sedative and calming.

Directions for use:

1. Epilepsy: Wash and boil handful of leaves in 3 cups of water until the water reduces to 1 ½ cups. Let it cool and drink adding sugar to taste. One can drink 3 glasses per day for optimal effect.
2. Heat cramps in children: wash a handful of leaves, finely ground them and add water + salt. Stir until it forms mushy dough and use to scrub the body of children suffering from heat seizures.
3. Headaches and anxiety seizures: Wash and boil a stick of the roots in 3 cups of water until reduces to 1 ½ cups. After cooling down and filtering, drink the concoction by adding sugar to taste first. 3 cups a day.
4. Whooping cough: Wash and boil a stick of the roots in 3 cups of water until reduces to 1 ½ cups. After cooling down and filtering, drink the concoction by adding sugar to taste first. 3 cups a day.

If you experience restlessness and worry, try the easy and cheap remedy of Lenglengan weed. Have fun and keep healthy!
By Moko Pramusanto

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